Row Cheese Meat Slicing Cutting Machine

Row Cheese Meat Slicing Cutting Machine

Model No.︰FKP-25

Brand Name︰fengxiang

Country of Origin︰-

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Products Description

FKP-25 meat slicing machine mainly cuts frozen meat, fish, cheese, bacon, sausage and other raw materials into pieces , and replaces serrated cutters (rotary knives, smooth-edged knives, toothed single or double knives Etc.) It is also a high-efficiency and high-precision meat slicing machine that can be used to cut frozen meat with bone into pieces or segments Wait.

The Parameters of  Automatic Row Meat Slicing Machine 

The main difference between FKP-21 and FKP-25 is that the cross section of the silo is different, and there are two types of FKP-25 cutting machine: conventional type and functional type of finished product conveyor.

automatic meat slicer

Model Normal Machine Machine with conveyor



Conveyor belt size - 1280 * 310mm
Output 210 pieces / minute 210 pieces / minute
Maximum silo length 680mm 680mm
Discharge bin size 835mm -
Silo sectional area 250 * 230mm 250*230mm
Slice thickness 1-30mm 1-30mm
Voltage 380V 380V
Host motor power 4.8kw 4.8kw
Weight 500kg 520kg
Cutting temperature above -4 ° c above -4 ° c
Material SUS304 stainless steel SUS304 stainless steel


The Feature of Automatic Row Meat Slicing Machine 

1. The whole body is made of SUS304 stainless steel. It adopts silver-white frosted spraying method to reduce corrosion and increase appearance. The internal sealing of the equipment is non-toxic and harmless, and meets the food-grade hygiene requirements.
2. Safe and reliable protection performance: The equipment is equipped with three layers of protection (large knife lock, cutting chamber door and material door induction switch), the equipment corners are passivated, and there is no sharp edge leakage.
3. Control the advancement distance of the propulsion device through the display screen to adjust the thickness of the cutting material.
4. The meat slices are non-sticky and uniform in thickness; the machine is equipped with flat cutters or serrated cutters, which can cut meat with bones.
5. Pusher device memory function: When the slicer completes a cut, it automatically returns to the position set before feeding, thereby reducing the feeding time.

Detail of Automatic Row Meat Slicing Machine 

High-quality knife set, complete cutting without loss of food

Automatic Row Meat Slicing Machine 

Automatically push positioning and cutting materials

High Speed Frozen Meat Slicer

High Speed Frozen Meat Slicer

Cutting Effect

High Speed Frozen Meat Slicer

High Speed Frozen Meat Slicer

High Speed Frozen Meat Slicer

Wide Application of Automatic Row Meat Slicing Machine 

This is a high-efficiency and high-precision meat slicing machine, suitable for catering and distribution companies, hotels, schools, central kitchens, meat food processing plants, etc.

Frozen meat slices: pork, lamb, beef, chicken, duck, bacon, cheese, ham, sausage, sausage, etc.
Fresh slices (segments): fish, rhizome fruits and vegetables.
Frozen chops: pork chop, steak, fish fillet, sausage, ham, bacon, duck neck, etc.

High Speed Frozen Meat Slicer

Price Terms︰ FOB Guangzhou or Shenzhen(or named by client)

Payment Terms︰ TT/LC or Cash

Packing︰ By stander exporting plywood case, well protected while transporting

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