Vegetable Salad Processing Line For Cutting ,Bubble Washing ,Dehydrating

 Vegetable Salad Processing Line For Cutting ,Bubble Washing ,Dehydrating

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Product Description

This vegetable production line is designed to make salads, realize vegetable cutting and secondary thorough cleaning, and is equipped with a lifting conveyor and an automatic dehydrator to solve the problem of continuous production lines.High output, high automation, suitable for small and medium-sized catering enterprises, can also be used to process fruits and vegetables.


The Specification of  Vegetable Salad Processing Line

Machine Dimension Voltage Power Capacity
FC-306L cutting machine








0.25 KW


WA-1000 washing machine 2500*900*1140mm




 Continuous dehydrator


380V 2.4kw



Vegetable Salad Processing Process Flow:

Vegetable Cutting → Lifting and feeding (to the vegetable washing machine) → Washing and decontamination → Secondary cleaning → Lift and transport (to the dehydrator)→ Dewatering → Final outlet with conveyor 

1) Vegetable cutting machine: It is used to cut vegetables into slices ,chop and shred, with large output and adjustable cutting thickness.
2) Funnel elevator: It is used to lift leaf vegetables and connect with vegetable washing machines.Adjustable belt tension and easy to clean.
3) Vegetable washing machine: The combination of three cleaning methods, such as air bubbles, circulating surfing and high-pressure spraying, is used to make the vegetables be thoroughly cleaned in all directions.
5) Continuous dewatering machine: It uses the principle of centrifugation to dehydrate and dry the material to remove the moisture on the surface.
6) The production line can be customized, automatic and simple operation, in line with food safety standards, suitable for Small and medium-sized catering enterprises, etc.


Detail of Vegetable Salad Processing Line

The whole salad production line,can be customized according to your need.

Vegetable Salad Processing Line

►Vegetable cutting 

Vegetable Salad Processing Line

►Vegetable washing

Vegetable Salad Processing Line

Vegetable Salad Processing Line

►Vegetable dewatering

Vegetable Salad Processing Line

Can control the dosage, dehydration time and frequency.

Vegetable Salad Processing Line

The finished vegetables are dry and undamaged, processing effect is good.

Vegetable Salad Processing Line

Price Terms︰ FOB Guangzhou or Shenzhen(or named by client)

Payment Terms︰ TT/LC or Cash

Packing︰ By stander exporting plywood case, well protected while transporting

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