Distribution Center Vegetable Packing Machine Salad Packaging Machine

 Distribution Center Vegetable Packing Machine Salad Packaging Machine

Model No.︰ KL-T600X

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Product Description

The automatic vegetable packing machine is suitable for automatic packaging of spinach, lettuce,leeks, cabbage, beansm onions and other vegetables.


Parameter of Fully Automatic Fruit Packing Machine

Type KL-T600X
Film width  Max.600mm
Bag length Will indentify the length of the vegetables, automatic packaging
Bag width 50-280mm
Product height Max.120mm
Film roll diameter Max.320mm
Packing speed 20-120bag/min
Power 220V,50/60Hz,2.8KVA
Machine size L4020*W920*H1450mm
Machine weight 950kg


Features of Fully Automatic Fruit Packing Machine 

1,The touch screen operation is intuitive and easy to understandm,English and Chinese operation interface.
2,The equipment adopts servo control system,the product transmission and packaging sealing is controlled by double servo drive and frequency converter, and good stability.
3,The electric eye automatically recognizes the length of the material to make bags and cut bags,Long and short products can be packed at the same time without adjustment.
4,No film when no material is packed, no empty package will be produced, and packaging materials will be saved.
5,The machine has the function of saving records. When the packaged product is replaced, it can be directly produced by normal swtiching.
6,It can recognize the length of various vegetables in bag,and will not empty the bag when there is no vegetable supply.
7,The machine transmission structure is simple and easy to operate.
8,Separate temperature PID temperature regulator, better to adapt to a variety of packaging materials.

Distribution Center Vegetable Packing Machine


Detail of Fully Automatic Fruit Packing Machine

Multi-purpose machine: punching while packing and automatic labeling.

 Salad Packaging Machine

Avoid stale freshness and secondary losses.

Ensure that the vegetables are packed quickly, clean and complete.

Distribution Center Vegetable Packing Machine

The packaging effect is ideal, and the shelf life of vegetables is better extended.

 Salad Packaging Machine

Price Terms︰ shenzhen or guangzhou

Payment Terms︰ TT / LC

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