HP-220 washing machine DM-15 air dry hoist

Through brush rapid rotation of friction product surface, product rotation to achieve all-round cleaning, while the top of the product spray cleaning, the product surface dirt, dust and fiber down. Suitable for cleaning round fruits and vegetables such as jujube, walnut, Hawthorn, apple, pear, peach, apricot, grape grain, tomato, etc. The surface water droplets are blown dry by the strong wind force formed by the fan, so that the material can be blown dry again and again.




Vegetable washing line

This production line adopts advanced technology, all automatic integration control, all stainless steel manufacture, clean thoroughly, can continue to work, deal with large quantity, save water and energy, save manpower and labor. It is suitable for central kitchen and group meal.


CWA-2000 fruit and vegetable cutting and cleaning production line

This is our specific designed machine for washing vegetables. Its principle is: by the stirring power produced by air flow and water flow, that machine can wash vegetables completely. Inject water inside the washing case before operation. There’re many air pipe under the machine. The air bubble jumps into water from the pump, which forms waves to wash vegetables. There’re also some spraying pipes on the machine to wash once again the vegetables from water case.



OG-606 roller classifier

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This machine is used for sorting and grading the round and elliptical shape fruits and vegetables, such as apple, pear, onion, tomato, potato, orange, kiwi etc. 




Production line for cutlery and cleaning of Korean vegetables

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Radish, potato, taro, sweet potato, melon, onion, green pepper, mango, apple, pineapple, ham, konjac, papaya, diced bamboo shoots, or long, smooth appearance, the body skeleton is made of SUS304 stainless steel, corrosion resistance, the inlet has a micro switch, safe operation, dicing speed 50, can be quite Individual Workload