LXTP-3000 screw cleaning and peeling machine

This machine is a large scale closed type washer and peeler for vegetable roots. Materials are pushed forward by the slow rolling brushes. There’s high pressure spray-washing system inside the machine. It’s mainly used for washing and peeling carrots, potatoes and taros. If using soft rolling bushed, it can polish vegetables. This machine can be connected with automatic producing line.

XWA-1300 Eddy current vegetable washing Machine

By using the natural principle of water flow, the vegetables can not be damaged during the whole process of washing, which can be used in the cleaning and leachate of the materials in the process of cleaning and leachate, so as to achieve the purpose of the industrial standard process of clean vegetable treatment.

WASC-22 double trough cleaning machine

1、micro computer interface control, with 50 sets of 
parameters set, touch screen
2、special resistance to acid and alkali
3、SUS304 spherical water valve.
4、Suitable for processing diversity of vegetables.
5、 Small covering and strong function.


FXP-66 pineapple peeling machine

This machine is mainly used for peeling pineapple, but also can be used in papaya, taro, cantaloupe, winter melon, grapefruit and other small melon peeling, high efficiency, safe and reliable, peel thickness adjustable. Convenient. Cutter group up and down cycle cutting. Peeling rate up to 95% or more. Special design of peeling tool holder, can make the melon skin oriented discharge

FXP-33 fruit peeling machine

This product adopts PLC automatic control, the control precision and anti-jamming ability are further enhanced, and the Korean persimmon peeling machine has been solved thoroughly. The phenomenon of frequency interference has been solved, and the production efficiency has been increased by 1.5 times. The peeling time of an apple is only 1.43 seconds, which ensures the quality of the product and can work without training.