Rhizome cleaning and desquamate production line

Rhizome cleaning and desquamate production line

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Product Description

The production line realizes automatic processing production, the efficiency is high, the output can reach 1 ton per hour.


Part 1:


Product Description:

1) Frame of this machine is made of cast steel.

2) Transmission is carried out by belt.

3) The belt is white and hygiene class, conformed to health standard.

4) The machine's structure is simple and the price is low, the transmission speed can be adjusted.

5) It's widely usedin food processing enterprises.

6) We can make its dimension under customer's demands, to be elevator, or producing line, or equipping auxiliary projects.


Main Parameters:

Dimension(mm) Power Capacity Net Weight
L1200 x W750 x H1500 1kw 1000 kg/h 62kg




Part 2:


Product Descripition:

This machine is a large scale closed type washer and peeler for vegetable roots. Materials are pushed forward by the slow rolling brushes. There’s high pressure spray-washing system inside the machine. It’s mainly used for washing and peeling carrots, potatoes and taros. If using soft rolling bushed, it can polish vegetables. This machine can be connected with automatic producing line.


Main Parameters:

Dimension(mm) Power Capacity Net  Weight Screw Power Length of Brush
L3800×W900×H1150 3kw 3000-5000kg/h 680kg 0.75kw 3000mm




Part 3:


Product Description:

This is our specific designed machine for washing vegetables. Its principle is: by the stirring power produced by air flow and water flow, that machine can wash vegetables completely. Inject water inside the washing case before operation. There’re many air pipe under the machine. The air bubble jumps into water from the pump, which forms waves to wash vegetables. There’re also some spraying pipes on the machine to wash once again the vegetables from water case.

This Machine replaces human labor and simplifies procedures. The whole machine is made of 304# stainless steel (except motor, electric apparatus and axes). It fits the health & sanitary requirements of food processing industry, with features of easy operation, low noise and high efficiency.


Production Features:  

1. It's specially for washing leafy vegetables like lettuce, cabbage,celery, spinach and fruits like apple, pear, etc.

2.There is a outfall on the root of the machine, ensuring clean water inside.

3.After washing, vegetable or fruit will go through an elevator, and at the same time, high pressure spray will wash the them again.

4.Flow adjustment valve next to the machine can control the materials forward speed, easy operating.

5. The conveyor belt material is PP mesh, which meets with the food-grade standard.

6. It can be connected with automatic processing line with high capacity.

7. We can make it different size for different client's requirements.

8. There's water recycle system inside machine.


Main Parameters:

 Dimension(mm) Voltage Power

Cycle Pump


Conveyor Power

Power of 

Elevating Conveyor

L3400×W1160×H1480 380V/Hz 3.75kw 3kw 0.37kw 1.1kw ≥1t/h


Price Terms︰ FOB Guangzhou

Payment Terms︰ T/T LC or Cash

Packing︰ Wooden case

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