Bubble Washing Machine Makes Salad Look Healthy and Eats Healthier

Salad is now a boom, and naturally there are vegetables. In order to ensure food hygiene, sala washer becomes even more important. At present, bubble washing machine is commonly used in the market to clean and sterilize vegetables.
We are a leading manufacturer of food processing machinery and our salad washer is one of our most popular products with high efficiency and low power consumption. 

Fengxiang WA-1000 bubble washing machine

Bubble washing machine working principle

1.Salad washer uses bubble, cycle surfing, high pressure spray washing way combinations, to make the vegetables get a full range of thorough cleaning.

2.After bubble washing, vegetable or fruit will go through an elevator, and at the same time, high pressure spray will wash the them again.

3.Flow adjustment valve next to the machine can control the materials foward speed, easy operating.

4.Bubble washing machine is provided with a separating plate and a drain valve, the water can be recycled many times, saving water resources and saving production costs.

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