Fengxiang catering equipment participates in the production of a food line in a food company in Ning

A food company in Ningxia is a company that operates food production and distribution. In order to increase production and efficiency, they set up a food distribution line.

The Fengxiang catering equipment is also cooperating with a food company in Ningxia. The food conveyor belt machine of the meal line is provided by our company. In the meal line, the processing steps are properly connected and the production line can work smoothly and orderly.

The conveyor belt machine can be customized according to the needs of the assembly line. The conveyor belt machine can be adjusted in speed and convenient to use. The integrated catering production equipment is simple and intelligent, saves labor and greatly improves production efficiency.

The staff orders, assembles and transfers the lunch boxes in an orderly manner on the conveyor table.

Turning conveyors, conveyor belt manufacturers,making effective use of the working space and flexible orientation. conveyor belt machine has a wide range of uses and stable transportation, which can avoid damage to the conveyed objects.

Fengxiang catering equipment has 13 years of industry experience, and constantly strive to provide customers with the most cost-effective food processing machinery, mutual benefit and win-win!