Fengxiang Apple processing Series Machinery and equipment

There is a European proverb: "one apple a day, the doctor away from me."Apple has a high nutritional value. Eating one a day will be beneficial to your health!

FENGXIANG company has been focusing on fruit processing machinery and equipment.Beginning with Apple, Fengxiang has continuously improved, developed and introduced mechanical equipment about Apple, from single-function peeling to current high-speed peeling and core split-in-one machine to increase production and reduce labor consumption.

FXP-33 automatic peeling machine
FXP-22 apple peeling and core cutting machine
FXP-88 apple peeling and core cutting ring machine high speed apple peeling and piercing core split body machine

Rome is not build in one day.Our aim is to serve customers and solve customer problems. Apple is just a series of deep excavations. We focus on all kinds of fruits and vegetables. We invest in time and capital research and development, improve the machinery and strive to contribute to the world's food processing.

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