"Sweet and full Potato" becomes "money-shaking Potato", and Sweet Potato processing equipment helps

In fact, sweet potato is a nutritious many times higher than rice noodles have medicinal value of food, and taste very good, sweet and soft waxy, old and young are appropriate. Not only can be made into a variety of delicacies, but also can be processed into dry, powder, biscuits and other products, even sugar and wine, to achieve the great development of the potato industry.

However, the "thick and honest" sweet potato is different size, and covered with earth, how to deal with reprocessing is really difficult to do. Large-scale post-harvest planting or acquisition of centralized processing, in the face of a large number of sweet potato cleaning and sorting, the best solution is, of course, the selection of sweet potato cleaning and grading production line.

Sweet potato cleaning and grading selection production line, set cleaning, sorting into one, high efficiency, automatic feeding transmission, free human productivity.

Large cleaning machine: preliminary cleaning of mud
Sweet potato feed, due to the water bubble rolling and soaking cleaning effect, the sweet potato roll up and down, clean the soil and contaminants on the potato chuck, and then through the back of the automatic chuck transmission, automatic transmission to the next link.

Brush cleaning machine: deep removal of surface dirt
Sweet potato after initial treatment, into brush cleaning machine. Brush cleaning machine makes use of brush and material rolling contact, carries on above water gun spray washes the action, in order to remove the sweet potato cortex, the concave mud and so on the surface dirt.

Classifier: grading by volume
The sweet potato moves forward under the drive of the roller bars. In this process, due to the gradual increase in the distance between the leverage tubes, the sweet potato will fall off the next layer of transmission belt successively according to the size of the volume. Transfer to the corresponding basket or directly to the next link.

Selection: to meet different production needs
After cleaning and sorting sweet potatoes, to meet the production needs, can be added to select worktables, manual selection of high-quality and then deep-processing operations.